US2008203966 - Litla Lilja from Lough Arrow II   with her owner Pilar Hromas in Germany
Sire: Prúður frá Neðra Ási 2     Dam: Drífa from Lough Arrow
Lilja and Pilar are very successfull in competitions in Germany!

 US2014105000 - Glóni from Lough Arrow II   with his owner  Silke Brubaker, Germany
Sire:  Árroði from Lough  Arrow II    Dam:  Blæja from Lough Arrow II
IS2013184256 - Vingþór frá Grenstanga  from our breeding in Iceland
is now  a happy breeding stallion in Austria, owned by
Dr.med.vet. Andrea Pecha

Sire: Blær frá Torfunesi       Dam: Særós frá Hrafntóftum 2
 US2012204641 - Hrímfara from Lough Arrow II  living the life in Alaska with her owners
Alys Culhane and Pete Praetorius

Sire:   Skjór frá Bollastöðum    Dam:  Signý from Dáréag Dair
 IE2000200001 - Rán from Lough Arrow
loved and pampered by her happy owner
Jeniffer Feldner, Colorado

Sire:  Álfur from Lough Arrow
Dam:  Signý from Dáréag Dair
 IS2011255180 - Væn frá Þorkelshóli 2, now in Germany, owned by Jens Fuechtenschnieder
Sire: Vídalín frá Hamrahóli       Dam: Særós frá Hrafntóftum 2
 brood mare
IS2008287336 - Dagsbirta frá Bollastöðum
is making her owner  Mw. A.K. Metz in the Netherlands very happy as a broodmare. Dagsbirta is the first foal out of our Alfasteinn-daughter Særós frá Hrafntóftum 2.

US2012204729 Gleði from Lough Arrow

and her new owner Betty Martin will spend many happy hours trail riding and beer tolting, learning in clinics, in the mountains in Colorado. I am sure, Gleði will get lots of hugs, too, and who knows, we may see the two competing some day, too.

Sire: Prúður frá Neðra-Ási 2
Dam: Blanda frá Hátúni

US2017105180 -
Flögri from Lough Arrow II    
is now owned by Tanya E. Znamenacek and growing up near the fabulous Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado!

Sire US2010104429 - Árroði from Lough Arrow II
Dam US2009204201 - Flúð from Lough Arrow II

US2016105185 -
Lýsandi from Lough Arrow II
is now owned by Dawn Lee Mayo and also getting big and strong near the Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado.

Sire: US1999103584 - Smári from Schmalztopf
Dam: US2012204730 - Védís from Lough Arrow II

US2010104429 - Árroði from Lough Arrow II
our main breeding stallion for the past few years is now owned by Creekside Farm, Katrin Taylor-Sheehan, in Georgia, being trained for FIZO evaluations and hopefully to sire more good leisure horses!
Árroði gave us many outstanding pretty and easy tölters.
Árroði is a powerful stallion with an outstanding pedigree

 Sire IS1984157014 - Prúður frá Neðra-Ási II (1st Prize, 8.31, World Champion 1995)

 Dam IE1995200002 - Signy from Dáréag Dair (Successful completion of a Long Ride along the Continental Divide crossing the Rocky Mountains)

US2017105186 - Sumri from Lough Arrow II 

Sumri is also going to Georgia to grow up in a big herd at Creekside Farm with Katrin Taylor-Sheehan.  He will be a leisure horse some day

He also has a very noble pedigree:

Sire US2010104429 - Árroði from Lough Arrow II
Dam US2012204730 - Védís from Lough Arrow II